Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tempo & Rhythm in the Golf Swing: Perfect Pair to blend= Perfect Swing

Tempo has to do with the relative rapidity, basically the overall speed of the golf swing. When you look at great tour players, Nick Price has a faster tempo than Ernie Els.

Rhythm is the movement with uniform or patterned recurrence, basically the relative duration of each of the swing parts. Generally, the backswing is slower than the downswing. For good golfers, you'll usually see a 2:1 rhythm, which means the backswing takes twice as long as the downswing.

The most important part of the golf swing happens when rhythm and tempo come together - the transition to the downswing. When you've got the right tempo, the downswing will  flow into the ball with easy power. Tempo and rhythm affect every shot you hit. If you want to have a great swing, you've got to have the right golf swing tempo, golf rhythm, and golf transition from top.                             
Having the right golf swing tempo and golf rhythm will make it easier for your golf game to hold up and stay consistent - whether it's a pressure shot or a money shot, the right golf tempo and rhythm will make sure you have a continuous uninterrupted flow of power to the club head throughout the swing. The result is consistent ball striking with effortless power regardless of the golfers ability level. THIS IS THE SECRET TO THE GOLF SWING!
Tempo varies from golfer to golfer, so it is really about finding the right one for you. let's go back to the example of Nick Price and Ernie Els. Price is quick guy. The way he walks, the way he talks, all lead to a faster golf tempo. Els is a laid back kind of guy and his tempo reflects it. Both have different tempos, but the flow of power to the club head is uninterrupted for both players.. When they're making the cut and find themselves in pressure situations, their individual tempo is what they continue to come back to to be their own comfort zones.

Your golf tempo may not be like Price's or Els', but when you find it, and pair it with your golf rhythm, you'll find the  golf transition from top to downswing will be much more fluid, dependable and consistent. Check out these golf aids that will make your golf training more productive and consistent.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Refiner Driver and Medicus Driver Reviews

So you just hit a regular driver, Felt pretty good. "Yep".  Refiner Pro.   Now your going to hit this, the only graphite shaft hinged trainer. Alright how that feel? Good. ( Now the Medicus) Now this one is about four times heavier than the graphite one. How that one feel? Well it is definitely heavier and it does not feel as smooth when the club is breaking. Kinda of klanky. Ah that graphite definitely feels pretty good.  That's closer to the actual swing weight of a golf club. Its just heavy. It doesn't feel as much like a club you have in play.  It is just heavy and boardy.
One third the weight.  This one is heavier.  The lighter feeling vs the heavier feeling.  I mean there is a lot of heavy weight here.  And ah, yeah this feels more like my exercise club.  The Refiner club is a lot more like my real driver.  Being that it is graphite and not nearly as heavy.  So it is great for women as well.  Let's switch out see what you think here   You don't fee that real heavy lag as you are coming down you through the shot and that's just  the overall weight of this light graphite shaft and that is really nice.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Correct Golf Grip Is A Must

Any pro will tell you that having the correct golf grip will make or break your game. Harvey Penick put it best when he wrote, "If you don't have a good grip you don't want a good swing." Ben Hogan also said that "golf begins with a good grip." Even your local driving range pro will tell you that a good grip is the fundamental foundation for a good golf swing.

The reason why the correct golf grip is a must is clear when you think about it - your hands are responsible for holding on to the clubshaft so that your clubface is square on impact. While your swing may not be in the 100+ mph category of the pros, even a slow swing speed creates high enough velocity that you can't make hand adjustments to correct any clubface alignment issues as you close in on impact. That's why every player needs a good golf grip as a fundamental element of the swing.

In an ideal world, you'll have a golf grip with a neutral hand position. Neutral hand position should result in your hands and clubface consistently facing the target when you make impact. A good golf grip should feel natural - the same way it is when your hands are relaxed and hanging by your body palms inward is the same way you'll go about setting up your grip. You'll tilt your right shoulder down to position your right hand slightly lower than the left. That's proper golf grip positioning for right handers. Southpaws should have the left hand lower.

When your golf grip is finalized, your palms should be facing each other, with the back of your left and and palm of your right hand aligned with the target.

While it's difficult to learn the correct golf grip just from reading about it, training aides such as the Refiner Swing Trainer product line train you to have the proper grip while also working to refine your swing.

Refiner Driver

Refiner golf is coming out with their 460 cc head on their new driver. It really has the feel of the big drivers that the tour players hit these days. You gonna love it.  I like this trainer because I can feel the one piece takeaway, if I take it back to early with the hands, then I just kinda make it break. If I can keep everything together, my thought is arms together, knees flex, I want to give the grass a haircut turning this triangle back together.  I come here and it stays right on plane.  Don't lay it off so it breaks,, so its back give the grass a haircut, arms together.
Low, stay wide untwist through.  It really works when you feel the force pulling out in the swing.  If you do to much right hand and do this, this is when you snap and break.  So you want to feel the legs, buttocks, back muscles,  turn and twist so you have a force pulling out and this won't break.