Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Refiner Driver and Medicus Driver Reviews

So you just hit a regular driver, Felt pretty good. "Yep".  Refiner Pro.   Now your going to hit this, the only graphite shaft hinged trainer. Alright how that feel? Good. ( Now the Medicus) Now this one is about four times heavier than the graphite one. How that one feel? Well it is definitely heavier and it does not feel as smooth when the club is breaking. Kinda of klanky. Ah that graphite definitely feels pretty good.  That's closer to the actual swing weight of a golf club. Its just heavy. It doesn't feel as much like a club you have in play.  It is just heavy and boardy.
One third the weight.  This one is heavier.  The lighter feeling vs the heavier feeling.  I mean there is a lot of heavy weight here.  And ah, yeah this feels more like my exercise club.  The Refiner club is a lot more like my real driver.  Being that it is graphite and not nearly as heavy.  So it is great for women as well.  Let's switch out see what you think here   You don't fee that real heavy lag as you are coming down you through the shot and that's just  the overall weight of this light graphite shaft and that is really nice.


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