Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Refiner Driver

Refiner golf is coming out with their 460 cc head on their new driver. It really has the feel of the big drivers that the tour players hit these days. You gonna love it.  I like this trainer because I can feel the one piece takeaway, if I take it back to early with the hands, then I just kinda make it break. If I can keep everything together, my thought is arms together, knees flex, I want to give the grass a haircut turning this triangle back together.  I come here and it stays right on plane.  Don't lay it off so it breaks,, so its back give the grass a haircut, arms together.
Low, stay wide untwist through.  It really works when you feel the force pulling out in the swing.  If you do to much right hand and do this, this is when you snap and break.  So you want to feel the legs, buttocks, back muscles,  turn and twist so you have a force pulling out and this won't break.

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