Monday, April 23, 2012

AccraSpeed Sports Trainer

The AccraSpeed Sports Trainer will immediately improve your performance in your chosen sport. AccraSpeed teaches the rhythm and tempo required in sports sensing centrifugal force and velocity speeds. The tones emitted by AccraSpeed’s highly engineer circuits provide an instant measure performance. AccraSpeed does not have to be reset or require visual monitoring by you. This allows you to maintain rhythm, timing and tempo at different precise levels. Made of durable lightweight aluminum and a mounting strap that allows the AccraSpeed Trainer to be worn on the wrist, hand, arm or leg by both right and heft handed players. Through its 56 marked settings, one may measure the slowest back swinging golf to a fast ball in the major leagues. Now see and hear for yourself the AccraSpeed in action.
Hi, I’m Rick Bradshaw, two time North Florida Section PGA Teacher of the Year and National PGA Teacher of the Year Nominee in 2006. I’ve been teaching golf for 33 years and the AccraSpeed Performance Trainer was the best golf trainer for rhythm and tempo that I’ve ever seen. This device measures the unseen force in the golf swing. I call it a centrifugal outward pull and centrifugal inward force, but it’s the unseen force. Many gold professionals say you want to feel the force, don’t force the feel. Well I can hear the force in the swing… and when I hear it evenly… then I know that everything is flowing from the ground up and out to the club head. Also this device has a great feature, it positions your hand so you can put the club, the grip, on that black holder and it positions you and the fingers perfectly so that you don’t have it up on the palm too much. So I have it in the fingers and I grip it… I want to focus on that even sound… not short and quick. It can slow down the monster swing. Let’s see if I can hit one. I want to sense the force in the golf swing.
Now, we’ve done the finger feature for tempo and feel and hearing the unseen force, but I going to work on my lead side in golf. So I’m going to put the wrist strap on and I’m going to focus on through to the finish with my left side. Through to a finish. I can also work on even flowing, but I want to focus really on this side so I don’t stop at the ball. Well, let’s see if we can hear that when we go through to a finish by having it on the left wrist. That really helps me get through the shot, not chop at the ball.
A lot of times my students come in with a “Yip Chip”. Or what I call a “Caveman Chop” where they chop and they can’t get through the chip. I like to use the AccraSpeed Performance Trainer to keep a flowing motion, back and accelerate through, back and accelerate through. If you think about going through, you want to stop and chop.
The AccraSpeed Performance Trainer measures the unseen, critical force in the golf swing and it’s an outward even pull. So if I want to a smooth, long swing, like a little long one with a driver, I can keep my tempo. If I want to keep it shorter, a pro shot with the pitching wedge, the same principals and the physics, I just don’t want… that. Can’t have that. I need to have an even and outward pulling. Also what’s interesting is that if I pick it up you don’t hear a sound. I’ve got to glide and wide. I gotta’ be wide and around so… I want to be on the big Ferris wheel, not the kiddie Ferris wheel. So here, I’m going to do a wedge here, a little shorter. Same force, I want to focus and hear that. Feel the force and hear the force, don’t force the feel.
Hi, I’m Lorie Miles and I’m here in Tampa, Florida and I teach tennis. I’ve been teaching tennis in the Tampa area for about 20 years and I also coach a local high school girls tennis team. I’m here to demonstrate the AccraSpeed.
I’m going to demonstrate what the forehand should look like without the AccraSpeed, it’s a nice long swing, as tennis teachers we emphasize the long continuous motion of the follow through and the longer you follow through towards your target, the more accurate you’re gonna’ be and the more successful you’ll be at your tennis game. A lot of students tend to shorten up their swing, which would produce a short chirping sound. I’m looking for a long chirping sound. Teaching kids, a lot of times they don’t have the vocabulary to be able to tell them exactly what I am looking for in a long swing. A lot of times I’ll see this… when they’re trying to push at the ball and just make it go over the net. They think stronger is better, but with the AccraSpeed it will be able to show them that a nice long swing has a nice long chirping sound. They’ll be able to hear a nice long chirping sound. So I am not looking for this… a short sound, I am looking for a nice long sound… like that. Something that they can ingrain in their head and have, establish that muscle memory of hitting that stroke over and over again with a nice long chirp. Once they feel it, they’re more able to put it in practice without the AccraSpeed even on.
The same thing with the one handed backhand, and that’s a really nice advantage to have when you’re teaching the one handed backhand because a lot of one-handers will shorten up their stroke and chop. You don’t want that, you want a nice long swing and a nice long follow through.
I showed you how to use the AccraSpeed with beginner students who are just learning the strokes. I had the AccraSpeeed set at a very low level. Now, to challenge yourself for more advanced students, you can tighten up the AccraSpeed so that you have to swing a little quicker to get that same chirping motion. See if I had the same swing, I don’t hear any motion, I don’t hear any chirping. Now if I speed it up, I hear that nice long swing again and I was able to get more torso rotation and more leg motion into the shot. That’s what you usually look for, for advanced students.
In teaching the serve, I take the students and I show them to serve. The correct way to serve is a push motion that goes like this… and you can tell, you can hear that you had a long chirping sound both on the back swing and then again on the forward swing. What I see a lot, especially with beginning students, is that they get initial success with just popping it over with the very short backswing, very short follow through and it looks more like this… and as you can hear, there was no chirping sound or very little chirping sound.
Now acting as an advanced player, I gonna’ ramp this thing up a little bit and turn up the dial and have a faster swing. So get your AccraSpeed to improve your technique, your strength or speed and your follow through or your finish. Get AccraSpeed, see what it can do for you.
Hi, I’m Sam Perlozzo and I’ve been a major league coach or manager for the past 25 years and today I want to give you a little bit of tips about this AccraSpeed which is like a coach in itself. I’ll tell you why I really like it, it gives you instant feedback and a lot of times, you just don’t need the coach at the time.


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